About RLA Architects

RLA is a boutique architectural practice that focuses on people: the clients who will live in the house. We listen, explore, design and then we listen, explore and design again. Each project requires a whittling away and a building up.


Our Process


We talk to clients about how they live their lives. We explore their aspirations and willingness for new ideas. From these discussions, we embark collectively on a pathway of design. The architectural style that emerges is driven by conversation, not by a style bias of the firm.

We pride ourselves on creating truly unique homes for each client.


We ask clients to think broadly and in detail about how they will interact with the space. We encourage them to think outside the box. Design elements such as the relationship of the cover of shelter and the open areas beyond, the procession through a series of spaces and the interplay between light and shadow are explored. Siting variables maximize design assets and minimize surrounding liabilities.


We focus on conceiving strong architectural forms that define the above elements - masses and voids, openings and closures, volume and compression.


Diverse styles for discerning clients.